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A Lasting Relationship Takes Work and Courage

A Lasting Relationship Takes Work and Courage

Lasting relationship: what does it mean in real


The ability to question ourself

The road to health and happiness is a personal, intimate journey. It does not depend on others. Often we believe that our partner has much more impact on us than reality. We are at the center of what we choose to let influence us. A fulfilling relationship that lasts has both partners understand that. Neither blame the other for their own failings.

Using the other as a mirror to help us growbigstock-Beautiful-woman-looking-throug-20311445

What we don’t like in the other is often an opportunity for us to work on a past issue or trauma that the behavior reminds.

When our partner is a reflector of a part of us that we dislike. We can judge and blame, or, we can look inward and see what it going on there that makes the situation so difficult to bear.   Accepting who we are plays a big role in a relationship, because it is a prerequisite to accepting the other.

True love starts with the acceptance of who we are regardless of what should be. Similarly true love in a relationship comes when we accept the other for this precious person who gets this insider view of our true persona.

Finding true love in acceptance

From what we learn in listening to the other we have the opportunity to become better selves. More importantly each partner is the opportunity for the other to grow when that partner is able to point things out in a loving way.

It is not always easy.

In fact it is rarely natural.

It takes work, questioning, and courage.

As we deepen our understanding of ourselves often we need to make amends, and to apologize. We also need to learn to receive love without judgement.

A beautiful loving lasting relationship is not for the weak. It is for those who deeply want to become better people.Man thinkingCouple walking outdoors with walking stick

Anne Benissan
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