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Children And Your Relationship

Children And Your Relationship

Balancing parenting and love life

Scott from LA sent me an email where he expressed his frustration over the fact that his wife only devotes her time and energy to their almost 2 year old. His relationship had been fantastic for four years until the baby came. And now Scott feels his wife has changed with him. In a short video, I tried to help Scott with a few suggestions. Anne Q&A for Scott 10-19-2012

It is not easy to find the balance for a mother between motherhood and womanhood. Most new mothers tend to forget about their partner as a man with needs. They are sleep deprived; in western countries they have little help and support. They also go through hormonal surge and drops which makes everything more difficult. The father has a great role to play by making sure his wife is well fed, and has enough sleeping time. Gradually he also needs to organise some time off from the baby and the child so the couple has an opportunity to reconnect. Please check my post on a new baby for more tips on this.

When a couple has no space with a 2 year old it means that priorities have to be revised.

Couple At BeachChildren would not exist if it were not for a couple to conceive them. Don’t let them overwhelm your life so your partner has no more space.

Children benefit far more from a loving relationship between their parents than by excessive attention from one parent.

Today in particular, children need to learn to respect their parents’ relationship. It will do them a great service for the time when they are in a relationship themselves. A parent who forgets that he or she is a man or a woman first gives a wrong example to the children in the family. Respect starts with self respect.

Thank you Scott! And good luck to you!


Anne Benissan
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