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Happily Ever After in the Real World

The No Luck, Lasting Relationship Guide

Couples face today unprecedented challenges that can easily jeopardize the relationship. Anne shares her experience and the result of her research to build

This book is a road map for romantic relationship to LAST and THRIVE!


You Will Learn:

  • Why your health matters far more than you think to be able to handle your relationship.


  • Why you need to control how you parent your children so they don’t suck all your energy.


  • How you can efficiently handle conflicts and overwhelming emotions.


  • How you can initiate changes in your relationship patterns.

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Reviews from Amazon

Jim F says: Kudos!

Kudos to Anne Benissan for her extensive knowledge and keen ability to communicate on this very important subject. There is no doubt that my life, and the lives of those around me, would benefit in a big way if I implement even a small fraction of her insightful suggestions.

Deborah D says: Very practical and sound advice…

I love this book! If I would have had this book when I was just starting out and took some of the pointers to heart I probably would have had a better relationship…” read more

Jane Austen says: Amazing book!

I read almost the entire book standing at the kitchen counter as I opened the mail-I was unable to put it down! You offer superior insights into our everyday family lives, so your advice and suggested steps seem tailor made and make perfect sense…” read more

Amazon customer says: I strongly recommend this book…

“… It is the first time in my entire life that I read a book which does not concentrate on love, or sex, or anger management only. This book makes us aware of all aspects together, including love, sex, anger management, technology influence, staying healthy and attractive…” read more

About The Author

Anne Benissan has written this book while EZcouple the tool was built. It is the result of her life experience and the research she went through to conceive and create that is a life saver for any long-term relationship.

Anne has been with the same French man for over twenty years. They have had 3 children together and they have met all sorts of challenges. Their relationship has strengthened throughout the years because of the way they have been managing it. Anne wants to share with you what she knows.

Anne has had multiple trainings after she moved from France where she graduated as a certified lawyer specialized in international arbitration. She is passionate about anything that improves our life and our well-being. And as a former child of divorce she knows quite well the damage that a failed relationship can cause.

Anne used all her trainings to conceive the efficient tool that is EZcouple. EZcouple solves two problems primarily caused by gender differences that most long term relationships have.

None of the books she read that are meant to help long-term relationships took into account the large percentage of our lives that is not the relationship. She felt the need to write a book that would have a global, holistic approach far more realistic than anything she had read.

This book is therefore a roadmap of what truly matters to make a relationship successful in the long run, all things considered.