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Spare Your Life Partner From Your Mood Swings

Spare Your Life Partner From Your Mood Swings

Depressed couple has dispute and are not talkingWe never feel low because of others.

It is our own perspective that defines how we feel.  If we are hurt by someone else’s attitude, we are better of asking ourselves a few questions: Why did I put myself in that situation? Why am I so hurt?  Do I want to feel better? All these questions are very important because they remind us that our mood depends on our perspective. Yet, we often blame others, and our partner, in particular, is the involuntary victim of our mood.

If a relationship gives us the opportunity to be true with someone else, it does not mean that we should be careless.

In fact, we should do what it takes to feel better as soon as possible in order to spare our partner from dealing with a disagreeable person.

In theory it might be beautiful to think that your life partner’s duty is to deal with you no matter what. In reality though, if we want to nurture the flame that makes our relationship worth living, we had better be cautious.

Nurturing pleasure and desire is an important part of a loving relationship.

Reminding ourselves in our low moments that we have someone next to us to spare and care for might precisely be the very thing that will uplift our mood.

Anne Benissan
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