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EZcouple Personal Digital Assistant For Your Relationship

Use EZcouple & Stop the Guessing

When he has no clue what to give her…

With EZcouple’s reminders, he won’t forget important dates

Men can forget meaningful dates. They still love their partner.

EZcouple makes choosing a gift easy & fast

No more brain racking and last minute overspending!

Daily Love Made Easy

Why EZcouple?

The benefit of truly pleasing the one we love goes far beyond receiving a gift.
If we all want to please, we may fail in doing so because we don’t know what to do. This stops with EZcouple.

Feel Special, Loved & Appreciated!

The best gift for her is on EZcouple

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We believe in loving relationships that last

Meet who’s behind this site

Developper and Designer

Joshua Parker

Josh is the brilliant tech mind who is behind EZcouple's code. Josh makes your privacy and your satisfaction his priority. He lives in the UK and work from there.

Founder & Manager

Anne Benissan

Anne is your primary contact for anything related to this site. She has been behind this project since the start. She thrives on making it the tool you will love, with your help.