About EZcouple

EZcouple Personal Digital Assistant For Your Relationship

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When he wonders what to do to please her?

Use EZcouple & Stop the Guessing!

When he forgets an important date… it does not mean he does not love

A reminder is all he needs. EZcouple will remind him.

When he racks his brain and over spends to find the perfect gift

EZcouple makes choosing a gift easy & fast

Ladies, help the man in your life make you happy!

Why an assistant for your romantic relationship?

Showing your love is no easy task when you accept how different we all are.
If you wish you knew what would truly please your partner,
EZcouple is for you.


Feeling Special, Appreciated & Loved, isn’t it what matters?

 EZcouple helps you KINDLE your relationship…

Let's Start

Worth Talking About…


We believe in loving relationships that last

Meet who’s behind this site

Developper and Designer

Joshua Parker

Josh is the brilliant tech mind who is behind EZcouple's code. Josh makes your privacy and your satisfaction his priority. He lives in the UK and work from there.

Founder & Manager

Anne Benissan

Anne is your primary contact for anything related to this site. She has been behind this project since the start. She thrives on making it the tool you will love, with your help.

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