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EZcouple Personal Digital Assistant For Your Relationship

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“For changes to be of any true value, they’ve got to be lasting and consistent.” – Tony Robbins

We care about improving life for couples!

Technology is a perfect opportunity to help relationships thrive. Our team is small and diverse: we all work online. The business EZcouple is based in Singapore, where Anne lives.

No Non Sense

Josh and Anne constantly research in order to test and update EZcouple. We want it to serve you. Pragmatism and efficiency are our constant drivers.

No Time Wasted

We are spread on 3 continents. We heavily use technology to communicate & work together. Time is precious. Your time is as well, we have that in mind.

Result Oriented

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We only focus on what will make a difference in your life. We take all feedbacks into consideration & we promptly reply.

Our Ethics

We are open-minded and ready to be challenged. We persevere.

EZcouple is about TRUST and PRIVACY. It shows in our interactions and in the site itself.

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Meet Our Team

EZcouple is an exciting adventure for all of us! We all give our best.

Founder & Manager, Author
Anne Benissan

Anne is the perseverant founder and manager of EZcouple. She leads EZcouple with growth in mind. Growth for everyone involved on all levels. She lives with her family in Singapore.

Developer & Designer
Joshua Parker

Josh is EZcouple's talented developer. Josh will walk the extra mile to make things possible. Josh lives and works in England.

Internet marketer & advisor
Francisco Perez

Francisco has a fascination for the internet. He loves marketing. He is never short of ideas. Multicultural, positive and resourceful, Francisco is a delight to work with. Francisco currently lives in Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Calligrapher & Graphic Designer
Nathalie Moisy

Nathalie combines creativity and expertise in graphic design. Nathalie succeeds in giving depth and beauty to digital forms. She designed EZcouple's logo and the podcast cover art. She lives with her family in England.