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About EZcouple

Not a dating site. Not a counselling site. A site for couples to help them with meaningful gifts.

Lasting relationships, we remove uncertainty around gift giving


Lasting relationships are about details. Men tend to anniversaries or even birthdays, and they usually don’t know what to do or give to please their partner. Women often feel they have been clear when in fact they have not. 

What does she want? is a the big question for many men. 

Women often wrongly think that he should know if he loved them.

Men and women are simply different.  Love felt is as important as love given. EZcouple makes sure you have both.

A successful gift fuels love

EZcouple helps make each move successful. 

A man loves pleasing his partner. It makes him feel special, powerful, and appreciated.

We make things easy for him so they both benefit. 

The expert theories behind EZcouple



3 ground breaking relationship professionals, all best selling authors.  EZcouple has used their knowledge to deliver top quality services for couples.


Alison Armstrong:


Gary Chapman :

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Here is Anne, EZcouple’s founder, explaining the story behind EZcouple