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Frequently Asked Questions about EZcouple

Any other question… feel free to contact us. We are prompt to reply!

I wonder if my partner will take it well if I register on EZcouple?

EZcouple allows you to fully enjoy the moments you share with your partner.  It removes all anxiety around the gift giving process. Your registration is not a sign of failure of any sort. On the contrary it shows how much you care about your relationship. The invitation email is not the same when it is sent to a man or a woman because our perspectives are different. A registration on EZcouple is a sign of love and we make sure it is perceived that way by your partner.

Your privacy on EZcouple?

Whether you register as a man or as a woman, your partner’s participation is necessary for you to share ideas. A communication tool without the input of both partners would be inefficient.

EZcouple will not share any of your data unless you are made aware of it and have the choice to refuse. Hackers are a plague that we take very seriously. And it is our priority to protect your data.

How much do your services cost?

Enjoy, it is free! You won’t be charged anything to join and use EZcouple. We want you to benefit from the services and help us improve them.

Why do both partners have to register?
Why can't I register my partner when I register myself?

It would be simpler, we agree. Legally though it is not possible. We can only offer for the partner to join. You are in the best position to recommend that your partner joins EZcouple via the email received.

I have never heard of a similar service, is it really worth it?

Gift giving events are a huge business. At EZcouple we want you to get what matters to you regardless of trends and marketing coups. EZcouple can save time, money, and energy because it is only about your relationship.

Why are there Friends and Circle within one account?

It’s only an option. We gave the opportunity to prepare a surprise that will surely please with close friends, parents and siblings directly from the site. EZcouple makes it effortless to tap in this great source of customized ideas!

Any other question?Shoot us an email at info at! We will reply within 24h. We absolutely love to hear from you!

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