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Help him show his love for you

Why would you want to waste an opportunity for him to show you how much he cares for you?

With EZcouple, you help him know what will please you.



Only 20% of women think that it is difficult for their male partner to find a gift for them, when 70% of men actually do.


This disconnect is why women tend to be so frustrated with men.


EZcouple bridges the gap and offers a beneficial solution for both.


Celebrating the woman he loves can be challenging. Listen to this missed opportunity that shows how the best intention poorly ended.

EZcouple is a safe space for your couple,

that makes what you want clear for him.

EZcouple is a secured platform where you can post your desires throughout the year. Your partner knows where to go when he wants to please you.


EZcouple guides him to do the little things that matter so much to YOU.


When making you happy is stress free, he is more likely to do it.

Your appreciation matters more than you think

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Here is what you get once you are both registered:


A safe place just for you two to share your ideas, choose items that you will love, or suggest time together.

A reliable reminder for him to ban the costly last minute gift that meets limited success.

Practical advices to enjoy your relationship.

daily love

Why not buying your own gift like many women do?

You waste the opportunity to make him feel successful with you, and express your appreciation.


You make things easy for him but you don’t make them fulfilling. The pleasure to give and receive … both gone!

EZcouple is for the woman who understands gender differences, and still wants to be happy.

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When you register first we send an email to your partner to join your account. Sign up is free.

Set up your account

Fill a questionnaire that helps us guide him to speak your primary love language.

Start posting your ideas

EZcouple offers 3 ways to post your ideas: whether you want a walk in the park, the last favorite designer bag, or some help from him over something specific, you can place everything on EZcouple. He will be notified of all.

Romance and attraction depend on women’s ability to receive. After years into the same relationship, the intention to please is not enough. Help him be successful in pleasing you. Use EZcouple.