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EZcouple Personal Digital Assistant For Your Relationship

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How EZcouple Works

When the man wonders how to please his partner... all the time! EZcouple makes the "no clue", "oops, forgot" history.

For Couples Who Care About Pleasing One Another

Not a dating site nor a counselling site. A tool to help couples please each other.



  1. Provides a private platform for the couple to share desires and ideas
  2. Reminds all important events specific to the relationship
  3. Guides to often speak the primary love languages of a partner (for now we help the man, soon we will help both)

Be the Special Caring One & Start!

Your partner will automatically be invited to join you

Next, if you're the man...

Invite her mother, her sibling, her best friend so they can post ideas to happily surprise your partner.

Or you're the woman...

Start posting your wishes on your wall. Your wall is ONLY viewed by your partner.

Your privacy and satisfaction are our top priorities. Know that you can cancel your subscription anytime.

For an insider view of EZcouple via videos, please click here.