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Keep the idea and dump Valentine’s day!

Keep the idea and dump Valentine’s day!

February and the looming Valentine’s day


Most long-term couples stop celebrating Valentine’s day

Couples in the long run pay little attention to Valentine’s day, and, more often than not, entirely miss the opportunity to show their love.

When we have been years together for quite some time, between children, daily life and other commitments, opportunities to celebrate our relationship become scarce.

It is not that we forget Valentine’s day. How could we, when we are blasted with commercials and “great” offers?

We tend to think that the other knows how much we care. We believe that the simple fact that we are still around day after day is proof enough. Maybe to some extent it is. However we forget one big consideration: our life partner is not us.

Whatever she or he believes and thinks is most likely different. And jumping to the conclusion that it is better to avoid the Valentine’s day rip off, may be a mistake that will cost your far more in the long run.


Valentine’s day that does not break the bank

Avoiding the marketing rip off

That being said, is it worth overpaying for a fancy dinner, a flower bouquet or chocolates?

I don’t think so but it all depends on what your partner feels like. Women tend to value more this celebration than men, and they will want some kind of acknowledgement. Many, just like most men, find Valentine’s Day a ridiculous celebration taken over the top by marketing.

What matters I believe is that you do celebrate what represents Valentine’s day: love declaration.

You don’t have to celebrate on February 14th, any other time in the year will do as long as you both agree to it.


When our relationship grows, and becomes the base of a family with everything attached to that fact, it is very easy for us to simply forget this relationship and become like business partners who happen to live together. We are so focused on making a living, taking care of the children, and preparing the future that we overlook the present and our partner in it.

Sometimes saying thank you, formally, is enough.

Seize the opportunity to express your love

A romantic move here and there will not hurt anyone and in fact it might just be what the other needs to create romance once again.

I will go one step further: these rather simple romantic steps are never overlooked at the beginning of a relationship when love is combined with passion. We instinctively then know that these steps foster positive energy and ultimately happy outcomes.

Why would we ignore this opportunity to encourage positive outcomes in our relationship later on?

Romance in the long run pays off more and more. The kind gesture or attention will touch deeper after years together because we know what effort it takes

So, do something symbolic on Valentine’s Day, and plan some nice dinner another day when the prices are normal.

An open conversation with your partner about the best course of action will manage expectations for both of you. In fact you may create a ritual that suits you both

The idea to show your love and express it to him or her is what Valentine’s day is about. Keep the idea, and dump Valentine’s D Day!



Anne Benissan
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