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Could your thyroid affect your relationship?

Could your thyroid affect your relationship?

Your thyroid and your relationship


The location of the thyroid gland in the human body.

We often forget that our relationship is deeply affected by our health.

When we feel tired, depressed, stressed, what is our availability for our partner?

Our hormones in particular highly affect our libido. And our thyroid must work well in order to orchestrate the correct production of hormones.

Many women suffer from undetected hypothyroidism. They feel fatigue, lack of energy, lack of enthusiasm for everything. They have weight issues and a low sex drive.

If you have read me before you know that I consider that a regular sex life is VERY important to fuel love in a relationship in the long run.

Beyond attraction and the understanding of the other’s body and needs, we had better check that our thyroid functions optimally.

A simple iodine test

Before you head to your doctor and have your thyroid markers checked with a blood test, it might be worth doing a simple iodine test from your home.

Iodine is important for various body functions, and it is key for thyroid health. Read this article from Dr Mercola to learn more about this. Contrary to what his detractors say, Dr Mercola’s articles always reference his source of information, making it easy for you to check the original study or report.

If you’d rather check another source here is the information on Iodine found on the American Thyroid Association website.

The simple test consists in you buying Iodine tincture such as this one found on Amazon, and applying a patch on the inside of your wrist or the inside of your thigh. If the stain disappears within a couple of hours you are highly deficient in iodine. If the stain still shows after a few hours your body most likely does not need more iodine.

Your thyroid cannot function well if you have iodine deficiency.

A documentary about thyroid issues will come out on March 1st

You would be surprised by the number of people, and women in particular who suffer from under functioning thyroid. A new documentary is going to come out soon about this problem rarely addressed by conventional doctors. You can find the trailer here. Have a look at it because the doctor at the source of this documentary is a doctor who suffered from low thyroid function.

I have not watched this documentary yet but Robyn Openshaw who I follow is highly recommending it.

Here is an extract of the email she sent to me about this:

“Even if you’ve never even considered the idea that you might have a thyroid problem, I urge you to take a minute and watch the trailer to an explosive new documentary. 

It’s called The Thyroid Secret and the World Premier will be released on March 1st–absolutely FREE for everyone to watch online!

I thought I knew a LOT about my health, and about my thyroid, and I learned SO MUCH watching the behind-the-scenes advance screening of this docuseries.

Now, having just turned 50, I actually watched the whole docuseries each morning as I worked out. (If that doesn’t tell you how DIFFERENT life is now, at 50, than it was struggling against an undiagnosed thyroid disorder half my life ago, I don’t know what does!)”

Better understanding of our body

Hormones play such a huge role in our emotional balance that it will be at the center of my next podcast episode. It will both an honor and a pleasure to interview Dr Julinda Lee who will give us her insights on hormones. Dr Lee is an age management specialist at Wellness and Gynecology Center in Singapore. Beyond her degrees in gynecology and obstetrics she is also a functional medicine doctor. We plan to clarify a lot about hormones during this interview.

Don’t miss it, subscribe to the podcast now to get the episode when it comes out. You can access to episode 3 Women and their Body here.

In the meantime it might be wise to check your thyroid and your hormones in order to help your romantic relationship thrive.

Anne Benissan
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